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20 June - 7 July 2017

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  • Hilary Campbell reckons the smart odds are on Voices of London!

    Unlike fellow festival director Richard Harker, I rarely give football a second thought. I am a tennis fan through and through, and eagerly anticipate a summer full of strawberries, fizz and squealing with delight as impossible shot after impossible shot is returned with power and style by the Big Four, simultaneously hoping that Murray will […]

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  • An all-you-can-eat musical buffet!

    In this month’s committee blog, James Dixon considers the prgoramme, puzzling over how on earth he could select just one event from our musical smorgasbord! Hi All, So this year we started by discussing the idea of a smaller festival in order to consolidate what we had achieved in the first two years. Whilst we […]

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  • Rich Harker’s pre-season analysis of VOLF FC’s third season

    Year three, who knew? And the elephant in the committee’s meeting room is where to take the Voices of London Festival next? Football may just have the answer. Watching Cambridge United’s home defeat (v. Exeter, 1-0 at home, since you asked) in the FA cup earlier this month, it seemed extraordinary to me that 3,000 […]

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