An all-you-can-eat musical buffet!

In this month’s committee blog, James Dixon considers the prgoramme, puzzling over how on earth he could select just one event from our musical smorgasbord!

Hi All,

So this year we started by discussing the idea of a smaller festival in order to consolidate what we had achieved in the first two years. Whilst we may have fewer events, they are certainly very exciting and there is something for everyone. The Festival Family continues to grow.

For the Office choirs event we have 11 office choirs singing, our largest ever. We also have a surprise install for the Festival Commission which will be released shortly. The Jazz Mass that precedes the concert is going to feature new choirs to the festival also.

Last month I had a sample of what will be the colossal performance of Elgar’s The Spirit of England and Vaughan-Williams’ Sancta Civitas, singing in a performance with Chiswick Choir, the Music Makers of London, Tiffin Boys Choir and the London String Collective. Having only heard recordings of the work I was absolutely blown away by hearing and being part of it live. These works are seldom heard today, indeed the Vaughan-Williams had its BBC Proms debut last year and I cannot encourage you more to attend such a wonderful combination of outstanding works.

As a teacher, I was privileged to see the work of LYC recently on a Continuing Professional Development day that they ran. The strategies and ideas have been absolutely brilliant in the classroom and with my students that I can’t wait to see the workshop on the final day and the performance from this stellar ensemble. It is a great honour to see the formation of the choirs of tomorrow and being done to such a high standard

Reflecting back on this, I have been suggesting by tickets to each event but now I realise that actually everyone is going to need full Festival Passes!

See you at the Festival!

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