Meet the Team II: Our man from the outback!

So the Festival is only three months away. It feels like last year’s inaugural festival wasn’t that long ago. But so much planning and preparation has gone into this year’s festival already.  Little did I know that when I moved to the UK from Sydney that I would be working on an international choral festival in a city such as London.

My name is James and I am one of the founding members of the Voices of London festival.  I moved to London just over two years ago to study at the Royal Academy of Music, met the other founding members on the course, my best friends in the UK, and the rest is history.  For me this year is particularly exciting as I will making my UK concert conducting debut as most of my work is in a liturgical framework.

This year is has some new developments, we are opening up the festival to some choirs further afield:  all with London links, of course.

We welcome Grupo Vocal Femenino José de Filipo directed by London’s Royal Academy of Music trained conductor and friend, Daniel de la Puente.

We are also delighted to host Cambridge-based, all-male early music ensemble De Profundis, a group in which I sing.

When I moved to London, I was so surprised about the amount of music making going on, professional/amateur,  sacred/secular. Interest groups from Gospel & early music to the latest hits classical and pop! You name an interest group and it is bound to exist. That is what the VOLF is about: the breadth and depth of music making taking place in this great city and bringing it all together.

Speaking of this great city, we are exploring partnerships and collaboration with the Museum of London. Last week, Hilary and I attended a private breakfast viewing of the fantastic Sherlock Holmes exhibition at the museum. We found it fascinating looking at the the manuscripts and early editions of the stories as well as the paintings and photos of London at Doyle’s/Holmes’ time: so much that is recognisable and some that is in stark contrast to today.

Furthermore we have applied for charitable status and looking for support, your support. If you or your business are interested in joining us in bringing the choral music magic of this great city to the fore, we would love to hear from you.

The festival programme is just about ready and looking very exciting. So the voice of the Voices of London festival will be heard loud and proud very soon, even if occasionally with an Ozzie accent.

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