Meet the Team III: Richard Harker applies the glossy top coat to the Festival!

Painting Paddington Red

There’s nothing like glossing doors for helping the mind wander. Whilst on the second coat of satinwood on the inside of two cupboard doors (which nobody will ever see, so why am I doing it?) I naturally began thinking about the Voices of London Festival 2015.

Going through a series of home renovations is very like putting on a festival: you go through different emotional stages. You begin by throwing everything up in the air, moving things around under blankets and covering things in layers of dust and dirt, generally enjoying the freedom and energy of chaos. Then you go through the weary and un-ending stage of feeling that it will never be finished, ever, ever, even if you worked 25 hours a day. Finally, with relief, you do somehow get to the finishing touches, final coats of paint and putting pictures back on the walls.

With just under seven weeks to go, the amazing Voices of London Festival team is finally glossing musical doors and window frames. We are making those finishing festival touches that will make the week extra special for each participant and audience member. A Voices of London Festival Auction will be held during our festival finale – including a keg of Cornish beer and a pair of fabulous free tickets to a Cornish Beer Festival.

After a year’s planning, the hard work of the team – and everyone else who supports, cajoles and encourages us – is paying off. The final programme of events is marvellous, bringing together exactly the diverse mix of singers and ensembles we aim for at London’s most exciting choral festival! Look out for special appearances from our two ‘Big Ps” – Peter Broadbent (23 June) and Patrick Russill (21 June).


Voices of London is all about participation. Tickets are now on sale and there are loads of ways to get involved:

Singer? Join our festival evensong choir or our Cornish Chorus for the finale.

Composer? Hear the premiere of Jamie Brown’s specially commissioned Cornish Requiem.

Generally Enthusiastic? Get a festival pass and come to everything!

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