Meet the Team VI: Hilary Campbell reflects on how far we’ve come

This time a year ago, my colleagues and I were heading towards the unknown. What had originated as a ‘what if’ discussion amongst friends had gradually generated momentum, and we found ourselves on the brink of our inaugural festival, responsible for 200 performers and a packed ten-day schedule. Although all five of us had participated in comparable events with various ensembles previously, this was our debut at the helm, and we certainly didn’t do things by halves!

To say that our learning curve was steep would be an understatement. To say that we had never thus far felt fatigue quite like it would diminish our experience.  And yet, when Richard Harker drew the final cadence of Harvey’s Passion and Resurrection to a close, signalling the end of the festival, our sense of achievement was palpable.  Our participants had performed wonderfully, the acoustics of St James’s were superb, and audiences had come and supported the concerts!

Thus, after a brief hiatus, plans for year two were swiftly underway, and now, almost twelve months later, we find ourselves on the precipice of the Voices of London Festival 2015.  We’re thrilled to be welcoming several new ensembles this year, particularly those from further afield, and equally delighted that a number of choirs are returning to perform again.

Hopefully we’re a little more shrewd and primed this time around, but what has certainly not faded is our enthusiasm and passion for this event, for choral singing, and for collaborative music making.  We very much hope that you’ll join the Voices of London Festival 2015, as audience member or participant or both, and we look forward to welcoming to you to St James’s.

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